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Difference from Hatyai package 3 days 2 nights
Sea and lagoon..(Hatyai- Lipe island + Pattalung lagoon)

Jc.Tour Hatyai had set up the special difference package as the best. For more value holidays in Hatyai. In the package, it includes snorkeling at the beautiful island - Koh Lipe island, the lotus and birds lagoon in Pattalung, and a city tour around Hatyai city.

We recommend seeing all the highlight pictures, the details and studying the program before submitting the booking. Or more detail at +66895727603 Whatsapp: +66848053153 before.

Napo-Kae : traditional storytelling by the things.

Difference From Hatyai Difference From Hatyai Difference From Hatyai
Difference From Hatyai Difference From Hatyai Difference From Hatyai

The farmers museum of southern Thailand. The story told by the showcases - rice farming, fish farm, handicrafts, cow farms, sheep farms, fruit garden etc.. As well as the traditional storytelling by the real artistes: Music band and Thai Southern traditional shows. Local foods and sweets can be made by your order.

The sweet water lagoon of birds, water buffalo, lotus

Difference From Hatyai Difference From Hatyai Difference From Hatyai
Difference From Hatyai Difference From Hatyai Difference From Hatyai

The lotus lagoon connected the province with Hatyai - Pattalung. The place is covered by the amazing beautiful lotus, as well as a thousand kinds of birds. The people make a great net range for fishing and it makes a nice picture overall, there is a longest bridge crossing over the lagoon. We take you to see all the things. "The beauty of nature."

Lipe island ...(The best of Thailand)

Difference From Hatyai Difference From Hatyai Difference From Hatyai
Difference From Hatyai Difference From Hatyai Difference From Hatyai

Koh Lipe island: The archipelago can be considered to be the best: More clear sea water, more filled and white sandy beach, more beautiful coral reef. As well as a million kinds of beautiful fishes can be found. Koh Lipe, normally, is the dream destination for sea lovers from around the world.

Hatyai city tour.

Difference From Hatyai Difference From Hatyai Difference From Hatyai
Difference From Hatyai Difference From Hatyai Difference From Hatyai

Bottle temple: All the buildings of this temple had been built by millions of bottles. In the temple, there are so many interesting points. The tour guide takes you all around. This temple is an important thing to see for Hatyai tour, at the moment.

Sri Pak Pra Andacura resort

Difference From Hatyai Difference From Hatyai Difference From Hatyai
Difference From Hatyai Difference From Hatyai Difference From Hatyai

At SriPakpra: This place is the big canal to the grand lagoon of lotus. The nature of both sites is so beautiful with the local lifestyles - The giant nets for fishing. On the bank, the Andacora resort is located. We selected this place for your holiday to make the normal moment to be the top for vacation.

Brief programs
Day 1  
08-09:00 AM: The minibus of Jc.Tour picks up from Hatyai airport (We recommend to come by morning flight to get more time for visiting places)
10:00 AM: The first point at the temple of bottles. Walking and sightseeing around.
11:00 AM: Hatyai town, stop at the public park, starting point for the cabin car. The cable car passed over Hatyai town up to the Guanyin Statue.  Enjoy the overview from the place.
11:30 AM: Tung-Kuan mountain. A great sea 3 sessions of view - building town - beach - sea.
12:00 AM: Stop on Song-Kla beach - Samilah.. Enjoy the beach atmosphere, or you may go swimming.
12:30 AM: Lunch served at the beach restaurant.
14:00 AM: Visiting Koh Yoh. - The local little town island...
16:00 AM: Check in at Lee Garden hotel. The location is at the center of Hatyai town.
17:00 AM: Kim Yong market - great shopping place.
18:00 AM: Enjoy finding local food for dinner. (This meal is not included in the program, we need you to adventure the town.)

Day 2  
07:00 AM: Breakfast at the hotel.
08:00 AM: Check out from the hotel by "private car (No need to waste the time for nothing)." We headed directly a head to Pakbara pier.
09:30 AM: Arrival Pakbara. Check in for the trip, keep your big bags on the minibus (private car) and leave the pier for snorkeling.

- Tarutoaw island.

- Khai island - real white sandy beach and grate stone gate as the signature of this province - Satoon.

- Go ahead, Hin-Ngam island - beautiful black and brown rocks cover everything. Clear water and nice for swimming. "Surprise with the wonderful rocks.

- On the back of the island - first site for snorkeling, full of coral reef. Many kinds of marine life.
12:00 PM: White sandy beach island - Hat Try Khaow. We stop at this Island for snorkeling, discovering the island and relaxing on the beach. As well as lunch served on the beach.
13:00 PM: Lunch.
14:00 PM: Rawee island. Do not say no to jump down to the water. "very clear sea water here" you can see all the marine life just from the boat. a hundred kinds of beautiful fishes, and other marine life can be found very easily.
14:30 PM: Ja-bang fast water area. There is a rope for hold as you are snorkeling. We stop here for snorkeling to see 7 colors of coral reef - wonderful corals.
15:00 PM: Koh Lipe: on Pattaya beach, there is a nice walking street pass over to the other side of the island - western beach.
15:30 PM: Take the speed boat back to Pakbara pier.
16:30 PM: Arrival Pak Bara pier, the minibus takes you back to Phatthalung - stop at Pakpra canal.
18:00 PM: Check in "Ban Pak Pra Andacora resort" - real beautiful atmosphere around - the nice view is just in front of your room.
19:00 PM: Having dinner with a nice sunset on the water view.

Day 3  
05:30 AM: Tour guide of Jc.Tour wakes you up early in the morning. The boat leaves from the resort run along the big canal to the lotus lagoon - seeing a hundred kinds of birds, million lotus, a hundred buffaloes and the big nets for fishing of local fisherman.

- Sun rises on the edge of the lagoon - real nice.
08:00 AM: Back to the resort and serve breakfast.
10:00 AM: Check out from the hotel, and stop at the center of Thailand Southern traditional center - Na Po Kae rice farming tradition...
11:00 AM: Na Po Kae. Jc.Tour staff served nice fresh coconuts as welcome drinks. Drinking as walking and looking around the area. The tour guide explained  all the stations in the place....
12:00 PM: Having lunch at Na Po Kae.
13:00 PM: Reached the longest bridge in Thailand. It crosses over the sea from Phatthalung province to Songkhla province. We stop in the middle of the bridge to see the water buffaloes life and beautiful of a thousand kinds birds on the giant lagoon.
15:00 PM: Stop at the souvenir shop of Pattalung province, buy something for the people at your home.
17:00 PM: The minibus of Jc.Tour transfers  you back to the airport of Hatyai.

If you love to customize as a personal favorite, just click to send your request.


Adult: 12,500 Baht/Person

Child: 7,500 Baht/Person (3-10 Years Old)

Tour includes

  • R/T transfer from the airport.
  • Private minibus service all the trips  in the program.
  • Minibus stand By 24 houses  during the package.
  • One day Lipe island
  • HatYai city tour
  • Lotus lagoon, birds, fishing Nets and water buffalo  life sightseeing.
  • Na Po Kae traditional center.
  • The best location for a hotel in Hatyai is "Lee Garden."
  • Resort - the best one of Pattalung "Andacura resort."
  • Insurance

Difference From Hatyai Difference From Hatyai

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