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What is Tarutao?

Tarutao is the national park.

Tarutao is the first marine national park of Thailand. Tarutao is very well known for its history and beauty of nature. Tarutao national park is located in Andaman sea far from Satun province about 40 kilometers, but it is far from Pak-bara pier (main pier of Satoon) is just 22 kilometers. This national park will consist of 51 islands, but there are only 7 bigger islands that the people can live on (Tarutao island, Are-Dang island, Ravi island, Lipe island, Klang island, Batung island and Bissy island.)

This national marine park has received a commendation from UNESCO as ASEAN heritage parks and reserves.)

The interesting brief history of Tarutao

Tarutao is the largest island of the Tarutao national marine park and has an area of 152 square kilometers. The area is mostly mountainous with tropical rainforest plants. There are so many species of animals that are very interesting for the people who like to see animals. Some area around the island still is covered by mangrove forest also.

Tarutoa island is on the Andaman sea, thick safari and mountains, Thai correction department of the government had provided training for the prisoners. The jail has been built since 1936. And this prison was stopped in 1946 already. Nowadays, tourists always need to see all the equipment about the prison shown in the museum on Tarutao island.

What is interesting about Tarutao?

Panta bay or Panta beach: It is the long white sandy beach. The national park office is located on this beach. From this beach the people can walk to see the nice viewpoint on "Toh Bu Cliff which can see the sunset point-very beautiful. Jark bay or Jark beach, it is a nice small beach connected to Panta bay.

Moh-Leh bay or Moh Leh beach: It is a very sandy beach here and it is covered by coconut groves.

Son bay or Son beach: This beach is the place for Turtles giving eggs. It is far from the office of the national park about 8 kilometers. The bay will be curved and there are boat sandy beaches and rocky beaches on the same bay.

Taloh Wow bay: It is the place where the prison museum is located.

The other interesting place on Tarutao island:

Luu Duu waterfall: It is a small waterfall, It is just 3 kilometers from Son bay beach and there is the nature walkway from Son beach to this waterfall.

Crocodile cave: It is a 300 meters deep cave. There are so many points of Stalagmite with different characteristics. The people can go to this cave by taking the long tail boat along the Pantemalaka canal which is covered by the mangrove trees. Moreover, the wildlife can be seen along the way.

Toh Loh Buu cliff: It is the viewpoint which is higher from the sea level about 60 meters. It is located on the back of the national park office. We can walk up there in 20 minutes. On the point, the people can see Bulone island, Klang island, Khai island, Ar-dang island, Ravi island and Petra islands group. As well as the sunset on the point is very beautiful.

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